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Corduroy: How to Buy It, How to Wear It!

Corduroy was a childhood staple for many of us. From jumpers to pants, many of us basically lived in the stuff, especially if you were from a colder climate. However, corduroy is all grown up now and is available in sleek stylish patterns, cuts, and prints for the versatile woman in us all. Read on and see how to buy and wear this classic fabric in a whole new way. How to Buy It-The distinctive ribs or wales on corduroy can range from very wide to skinny. Wide wales or ribbing works best on sturdy garments such as jackets. This is due to the fact that narrow wales aren’t as durable and will wear thin with excessive wear. However, wide wales can add bulk to a person’s frame, so stick to narrow wales for any formfitting garment. In terms of horizontal versus vertical, think of cords as you would stripes. Vertical will always elongate your frame. Try to only buy horizontal cords for areas where you need to add extra attention. How to Wear It-Now you know how to buy it, let’s start wearing it! With a material as tricky as corduroy, it is imperative to try on every garment before you buy it, because unlike other fabrics, corduroy can look and fit completely different from one garment to the next. To make this material appropriate for the office, wear it in a wide wale, vertical pattern in a dark color, pair it with a light-colored, well-tailored trouser. This will give a subtle dose of casual to the professional ensemble. For a night on the town, wear a skinny wale, horizontal pattern dress in a neutral color. Make sure the skirt has plenty of flounce and movement then pair it with a pair of high heels in sultry patent leather to have a perfectly pulled together look. For a polished casual look, go for a collared corduroy shirt in a super skinny wale, vertical pattern in a vibrant color. Pair this shirt with a pair of dark denim, bootcut jeans and low heeled boots and you will be ready for anything this Fall! Are you ready to reintroduce yourself to corduroy? Follow these tips on how to buy and how to wear this nostalgic material and you will have a memorable look in no time. Just remember it is important to try on all pieces of corduroy before buying. Also, to prolong the life of the fabric and minimize shrinkage, air dry or hand dry corduroy garments. Be adventurous and try this trend this Fall. As always, good luck and happy shopping!

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