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3 Tips to Organizing Clutter for the Holidays

When you think of clearing clutter what do you think of? I know from my experience as a professional organizer many of us think of getting rid of things but this is just part of organizing clutter. I was given some plates for Christmas that are for everyday use that I love. I put them in the cupboard but I rarely ever used them. I wanted to use them and felt bad because I didn’t, so I came up with a simple solution. I simply moved them to a different shelf in my cupboard. I had one of those corner shelves that doubled my cupboard space and I just changed places with some other plates I had had there for a long time and only used infrequently. What a difference such a simple exchange made. I can now use my plates and eat on them too. (Just like having my cake and eating it to). We don’t always have to get rid of things to think we are clearing clutter. With a few organizing tips and organizing ideas we can create a home that is organized, functional and welcoming to us and to our guests. As the holidays approach by starting early to look at each room in our homes to see if we need to do some clutter clearing we will be less stressed not only during and before the holidays, but actually all year around. Here are some of my favorite organizing tips. Let’s start with the kitchen: junk drawers can be a hassle and junky or they can be resource drawers. Because so many people in our homes use them and are in and out of these drawers, make it easy for them to put things away after they use it. Have you noticed it is easier to get things out than put things away? In the resource drawer the key to organizing clutter is to have plenty of containers, you can use several different sizes, depending on your needs. In one container place the pens and pencils. In another have glue and tape. I recommend having one place for every kind of tape your family uses. Then if you ask someone to get tape for you they will know exactly where to go to get it. Check out your utensil drawer or holder. Are there utensils there you never use and are just clutter? Are there too many spatulas and pancake turners? Are any broken, stained, or rusty that could be thrown away to give you more room in your drawer or holder? If your utensils are in a drawer, install a drawer divider to keep them contained in one place so they don’t slide all over. Do your cupboards hold more dishes that you use making your cupboards crowded and let’s say not user friendly? Divide your shelves by type of space. Premium spaces are the places you get into to use the items stored there on a daily basis. The dishes you use about once a week place in a secondary space.And dishes you use about once a year, such as holiday dishes place in semi-storage. You know where they are but they aren’t visible on a monthly basis. By using a few organizing tips and organizing ideas you will feel more confident with organizing clutter, creating space and end clutter in your homes for the holidays and for everyday. Marilyn’s bio: Marilyn is a creative organizer who helps women, seniors and their families create space and end clutter in their homes and offices by setting up custom made systems. Marilyn invites you to visit her website http://www.marilynbohn.com where you can find solutions to your organizing needs. She offers free tips in her blogs, articles and videos for your home and office organizing solutions.

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