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Xotic Dream Cars

Xotic Dream Cars LLC, headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL specializes in providing exotic cars to consumers at a reasonable price. As you may know, the costs associated with owning a Ferrari or Lamborghini are sky high. On the other hand, renting one of these cars is a more cost-effective option. Not only do you have the opportunity to drive one exotic car, but several others. Why purchase one exotic when you have the opportunity to drive nine? The average individual who owns an exotic vehicle drives it less than 4000 miles annually. The maintenance on exotic cars can cost you thousands per year. Owning an exotic car just doesn’t make sense, renting does. Visit xoticdreamcars to learn more.

Xotic Dream Cars has over nine exotic cars in their fleet. These cars include:

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Convertible: $1850 per day
Lamborghini Gallardo: $1350 per day
Ferrari F430: $2150 per day
Ferrari 360 Modena: $950 per day
Bentley GT Continental: $995 per day
Lotus Elise: $375 per day
Spyker C8 Convertible: $1975 per day
Hummer H2: $239 per day
Ford GT: $1850 per day
Rolls Royce Phantom: $2750 per day

Whether it is a special event you are planning for or a well-deserved vacation, Xotic Dream Cars has a vehicle for every occasion.  They specialize in providing vehicles for photo shoots, music videos, album release parties, commercials, trade shows, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, & grand openings. For all your Exotic car rental, New york city exotic rentals needs, Xotic Dream Cars is ready to accommodate you. Call 1-866-XOTIC-4U to reserve your car today.

Xotic Dream Cars services the entire state of Florida. Whether you need a car in Key West or Jacksonville, we can accommodate you. During the summer months of June through September, Xotic Dream Cars also services the north eastern states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, & Rhode Island.  If you happen to find a company offering your exotic vehicle of choice at a lower cost, Xotic Dream Cars will beat their price by 5%. They focus on providing all customers with industry low prices and offer high quality vehicles. Xotic Dream Cars realizes that your special event is important. White Glove service is provided with each rental, making your experience a positive one. Don’t settle for less; choose Xotic Dream Cars for your rental needs.

You may be wondering what is involved with renting an exotic car. It’s actually quite simple. You must be 21 years of age or older, have a major credit card, & a valid drivers license. Xotic Dream Cars takes care of the rest. Log onto their website at xoticdreamcars in order to reserve your exotic car today. You can also call 1-866-XOTIC-4U.

About the Author:
Kristin Royal is the marketing director for Xotic Dream Cars. She currently attends Palm Beach Atlantic University where she is pursuing a Masters Degree in International Business. With a strong background in Automotive Marketing Management, she is a great asset to the company.