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What about the Article Marketing Revolution?

If you are starting to promote your off line business on line, or creating an on line business then you need to know that even if you create the most beautiful and highly functional site, without any visitors it is nothing.

Some of the most visited and highest earning sites are very plainly designed and mainly consist of text links. This is not to say that you should not make a great looking site, but just to point out that design is only part of the picture. The thing that everyone needs is traffic!

You may be worried about the cost of marketing your site or you may not really know about the different methods of promotion you can use. Well lets just say you can spend a fortune and there are loads of different techniques which you can put to use.

But, there exists one amazing way of promoting your site which is easy to do and is either free or very reasonably priced. This method has arisen due to the large number of sites which will now allow you to promote your site to other web users.

This method is being demonstrated to you right now before your very eyes!

“What is it then?”, you may ask. Well it is the writing and subsequent submission of original articles like this one you are reading. It may seem very simple, but believe me it is VERY powerful.

You can write a 300-500 word article pretty quickly, and then using some of the great distribution services that now exist, have your promotional article distributed to thousands of web users. The great thing about these articles is that you include a resource box at the end of the piece, which contains your personal information and a hyper link back to your site.

The articles are then read by surfers, ezine publishers and other web site owners who can republish your article on their pages as long as they leave the article unchanged and the link your site intact. So you can end up with loads of copies of your original article published all over the web with the possibility of getting hundreds of links back to your site.

Build your business on solid foundation and it will support you for years to come. Go and write some articles now and get them submitted to thousands of hungry surfers and publishers!

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