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The 3 Button Dress Shirt Collar

The Three Button Dress Shirt Collar This is probably the collar with the most attitude. The 3 button dress shirt collar makes a statement, usually men with high confidence and are interested in fashion dress shirts pick this type of shirt collar. It’s usually the same height as the tall double button dress shirt collar. The three button collar simply has three buttons instead of two.

Pick this shirt collar if you have a long neck to make your neck look shorter. With this unique collar you will make a unique statement, but it is a rather rare find and usually its only available at certain custom dress shirt makers. Below is an overview of what physical attributes the three button dress shirt collar fits well with. Round Face Good Match Slender Face Good Match Long Neck Very Good Match Short Neck Not Ideal Saggy Neckline Very Good Match If you liked this get a 60 page FREE BOOK about tips and guides about mens button down dress shirts here http://www.tailorinstyle.com/mens-button-down-dress-shirt-guide-2/

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