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Spanish MP3 – For Those On The Go

A Spanish mp3 is perhaps the best way to learn anything nowaday. It seems that all of us are bogged down with something to do every hour of the day and little time to do it. When do we get to do the things that we want to do for ourselves? Good question!

Here are three suggestions for all of us who are “busy beavers” or “busy bees”:

1. You need some kind of a device that you can take with you to listen to your Spanish mp3 or podcasts. There are tons on the market and you can find them at lots of retail stores. The hardest part might just be deciding which one you want the most or which one you can afford. There all pretty user friendly.

2. Once you have your mp3 player, you need to find a good spanish mp3. I’m not just talking about the news, weather, songs, radio stations, and tv shows. I’m talking about finding mp3’s and podcasts that are talking about relevant topics that you’ll need to know everyday. These are the phrases that you’ll need to use in Spanish, so this is the type of Spanish mp3 or podcasts that you’ll need to listen to so you can learn these phrases.

3. After you’ve found the Spanish mp3 and podcasts that teach you Spanish about your day to day encounters, you need to listen to them frequently. This does get boring, I know. However, you need to listen to them a lot so that you become used to listening to how natives express themselves in these situations. Frequency is the key. We all know that what we don’t practice we forget easily. Like peoples’ names for example. This happens because our brains are only set up to remember the most common things we do in life. This is why we forget peoples’ names that we haven’t been around for a while. The same thing happens with languages. So we need to constantly reinforce this step.

Now incase you don’t know where to get some of the most common situations expressed in Spanish, we’ve got a Spanish mp3 here, actually, we really have tons for you. http://www.learn-podcast-spanish.com/spanish-mp3.html

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