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Announcement Parties

Got something to shout about? Announcement parties let you do just that. Anything from getting married, to having a baby, to adopting a child, to a huge, very much worked for promotion at work, and everything in-between may warrant having one of those announcement parties.

Let’s start with an easy way to get the word out. Announcement parties can be very simple or very grueling, depending on your methods. But all of them can be announced and managed online, making that part extremely easy for you. Go to the Events Listed Website and “announce” your announcement party. You can even send out the invitations electronically and have people respond electronically.

You may be wondering about rules and etiquette. We’ll map out some helpful guidelines for announcement parties that should help you decide if your announcement is worthy of a full blown party or not.

Announcement Parties for Tying the Knot

If you’ve gotten engaged for the first time, you have definite worthiness for hosting an announcement party and sharing the great news with family and friends. Just don’t have endless announcement parties on your good news.

What we mean is if you have an engagement party, a pre-wedding party, a bachelor party, a bachelorette party, a wedding party, and a post wedding party, guess what is going to happen? Your family and friends will be so resentful of you actually expecting them to bring gifts or cash each time that you’ll be lucky if anyone shows up for the last few parties, let alone answer the phone when you call. Overkill can kill relationships also.

Please note that we said “if you’ve gotten engaged for the first time.” That is because if you are one that changes spouses almost as often as you change underwear, your announcement doesn’t qualify for an announcement party. Sorry.

Announcement Parties that Steal the Stork’s Thunder

If there is a baby on the way, this is a definite yes and tips the worthiness scale to the top. This is one of the most popular of all announcement parties. Everyone loves the babes! Just watch the overkill again. If you’re going to have a baby shower, maybe just sent the announcements online for sharing the news of the pregnancy rather than having a party. You can allow for feedback from those you’ve announced to. Save the “party” for the baby shower itself.

Announcement Parties for Huge Promotions at Work

This is yet another worthy reason to have one of those infamous announcement parties. You may or may not need to throw one if you’re being made supervisor, or something one-step up from your previous position. But when you’ve got something huge to say, such as, “I am now the Regional Manager for the entire Southwest” or “I am now the President of the company and right under the CEO,” etc., that is so definitely worthy of having an announcement party.

There are several reasons for announcements. Just use some common courtesy and some common sense. And be sure to announce and manage your list online at the Events Listed. This makes everything very simple and easy to manage.

Have fun and congratulations on your big news!

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