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You Make The Difference – management : To point out its competences

by: Marc-Andre Morissette
To give a progress report on its assets To claim at a more important station, it is of course necessary to be already very powerful in the occupied function. That means that one is able to achieve his goals quickly and that the achieved results fall under time. But it is about a minimum because it is also necessary to be able to bring a beneficiation on the company, which Armand Mennechet translated by “having an environmental impact of its station”. That returns to being force of proposal, to be able to occupy a team around a project, to improve the operating mode of its team, to impose a certain leadership on its professional entourage and, generally, to make the consensus on its capacities.

In addition to its technical skills (good knowledge of the trade, necessary procedures and technologies), other elements are to be taken into account. According to Armand Mennechet, “the speed of integration in a team is an important indicator of the potential of an employee.” It is thus important to develop its relational capacities especially when they make it possible to gather a whole team around oneself and to impose its competences on the eyes of all. That will make it possible, moreover, to legitimate a fast rise.

To show managériales qualities is also an asset since the rise in rank often implies the framing of a team. To be able to make progress his/her collaborators with oneself, to recognize the potential of each one are qualities to be proposed. To express the successes of its team before his © Clipart To rationalize its results

Once the perimeter of its assets detected, still is necessary it to prepare its argumentation. For that, “one uses indicators clear and undeniable in order to make the results irrefutable”, Armand Mennechet specifies. The rationalization of the performances indeed makes it possible to show its professionalism, without praising themselves nor to over-estimate itself, and while avoiding having to compare itself with others. It is a question of taking stock and of knowing to communicate on established successes, the achieved objectives with short and medium term, the relations implemented with customers and suppliers, gained contracts, gained budgets, partnerships set up…

The progression in time must also be measured: one will endeavour to show which actions were undertaken in order to cross various stages.

To develop its team before oneself

All these results will concern initially its team when one works with several collaborators. Nothing is used for to be too greedy and to want to adapt the benefit of the group, wrongly or at a rate of elsewhere. It is never well seen and, unless being extremely skilful, the attempt is often coarse. All the difficulty thus lies in its capacity to point out its personal contribution. That can come from the others (colleagues, partners external with the company or other services satisfied with your collaboration) or from oneself but, in the second time. For this phase, it is possible to await a privileged framework, such as annual maintenance or a more abstract meeting with its superior, for example at the end of a successful project.

To put forward its specificity

And if there are not the course of Mister all-the-world, to make an asset of it as much. Its extreme youth does not constitute necessarily a handicap for a station raised in the hierarchy with the proviso of not seeking to occult it. Rather than to remain focused on this point, to expose its assets: an already rich and varied course, a solid experiment, a provided professional network… “It is necessary to show its value of difference”, recommends Armand Mennechet, i.e. to show in what its characteristic will represent an advantage for the challenges to fill in the coveted station. And to trust its hierarchy to estimate this value at its right level.

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