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Preparing for a raw food diet

by: Russel Esquibel
Tools for preparation Going on a raw food diet does not require a considerable amount of money. As a matter of fact, you would probably save money as a result of dietary plan. Because when you go on a raw food diet, you will only consume organic and raw food products, of which, are cheaper than the highly processed convenience foods. All that high-fat, high-sodium microwaveable foods are even much more expensive.

To begin with, you must first purchase a good juicer. You can find good quality juicers on kitchen appliance stores. Or if you want to shop in a more convenient way, you can shop for juicers on the internet. You may even find a good used juicer on an auction site at a much cheaper price.

And for cutting up those fruits and vegetables, you must also purchase a set of good quality knives. Having a steamer is also recommended. You can use the steamer to steam your vegetables. A chopping tool that can also be used to garnishing fruits and vegetable would be nice. You can easily cut fruits and vegetables with a ridged cutting knife to make your meal more appealing.

Transform your fridge

The best way to have a healthy life is by having a healthy diet. The best way to do that is by going on a raw food diet. One ideal way to start a raw food diet is by revising your grocery list and removing all the unhealthy and processed foods in your refrigerator.

Begin by cleaning out your refrigerator and your food cabinets. Throw away all of the snack foods. And if you have microwaveable foods put them in a dark bag and store them in a place where they can’s easily be seen or reached.

Instead of the said foods, store dried fruits and nuts on food cabinets. Transform your kitchen to a health-conscious kitchen. Purchase a good quality juicer. It would be wise if you load up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are having difficulties in giving up meat, fish, or other animal products, substitute it with fresh tuna. You can make a delicious tuna meal by adding a bit of sesame seeds and a small amount of soy sauce. Raw food diet can be fun. And if you want to add a bit of excite to your meal, you may want to invest in those big, white square shaped dishes that are ideal for serving sushi. Better yet, why don’t you use chopsticks so that you will have more excitement on your meal.

About the Author
Russel Esquibel is a nutrition oriented expert. He is a writer of Eat-Raw-Food.com, a site where you can find information, tips and advice about raw food, vegetarian, vegan and more.

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