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Does it feel like WORK meeting women?

Does it ever feel like WORK meeting women?

And do you ever feel despite all your hard work you’re not even closer to your goal?

If you answered YES to either of those questions, then READ ON.

I’m not going to lie, the dating game can be quite frustrating.

You see a girl you like, but she has a boyfriend.

You think everything is going great with a girl and she stops returning your calls.

Not to mention the fact that as the man you pretty much have to do everything to move things forward.

YOU have to have the courage to approach.

YOU have to keep the conversation going at first, YOU have to escalate physically, YOU have to get HER number or rack your brain to figure out a logistical way to take her home, YOU have to plan the date.

Not to mention there are much higher standards for men’s behavior than women.

(Don’t get me started on that…let’s just say women are allowed to get away with sub-par behavior just because they are “pretty.”)

It can be pretty exhausting, especially if you’re not “extroverted” by nature.

…I just had a client who often complained of “extroversion fatigue.”

I knew exactly what he meant because I used to struggle with it too.

Before I began to teach myself pickup, I would go out, and be mentally DRAINED after talking to three or four women.

I would have to sit down and rest!

Think about how strange that is. In a situation where you are supposed to be having fun and RELAX, I was instead working harder than I was at my full time job.

I’d go home and be absolutely DEAD… from TALKING TO WOMEN!

Does that make any sense???

And there was the overall, general dating fatigue. The emotional ups and downs, the discouraging results, the effort I had to make just to get women to hang out with me or have sex with me.

It was like a full time job and I was working overtime!

When I first got in this game, I literally had to force myself to go out and pickup ALL DAY for days on end.  (I admit, I was a nerd, and pushed it to the extreme.)

But what can I say, I was passionate about learning all this stuff (and not to mention extremely eager for results after years of sexual frustration).

I would push myself like professional athletes push themselves in the gym.

I was working muscles I had never used before, or to be more precise, I was forming NEW NEUROPATHWAYS.

If you can relate to any of this, then you are probably working too hard in your interactions with women.

There are three reasons for this.

First, being socially proactive may be new to you.

I recall when I first started lifting weights, I didn’t have upper pectoral muscles – the muscle at the top of your chest just under your clavicle that make your chest look big.

Actually I did, but they were so small and weak, it took a good three weeks to even begin to feel them. Every time I worked them out I was incredibly sore and could barely move my arms.

And then I reached a tipping point of sorts, where the muscle was developed enough that I could handle big amounts of weight without all the soreness and fatigue. Your mind is the same way.

It takes time to develop these new neuro-pathways on your own. If you’re not pushing yourself HARD day in-day out, it can take awhile, depending on your skill level.

Another reason you may feel social fatigue is because you think there’s too much to do or learn when meeting women.

This is actually a little different from “fatigue.” It’s more like feeling overwhelmed.

When you feel overwhelmed by something, it can frazzle your mind, and lead to a sort of depression, or discouragement, which may feel like exhaustion if you’re not deeply aware. It’s like your body is saying “ugh, it’s too much work. I give up before I can even begin.”

This will hold you back from DOING ANYTHING. I suffered from this kind of feeling when I started putting a lot of my theories on paper. I looked at my notes and felt like I was looking at one of those huge, complex physics equations.

It was daunting to think that I had to DO all this stuff just to have quality women in my life.

The last reason for feeling exhausted in the dating and mating game is that you are spending too much mental energy in the wrong places, wasting your focus on stuff that isn’t useful to pickup.

I’d say 99 percent of guys get it wrong when it comes to attracting women. The thing is, the woman usually can’t tell, because most guys learn to hide their inner “stuff” after a few harsh rejections.

But this doesn’t negate the fact that when the average guy is attracted to a woman, he spends his mental energy on trying to impress her, or figure out if she likes him.

Think about the messages we get from the media, our parents and friends, and women – it’s the man’s role to IMPRESS the woman and EARN sex from her.


I get so mad when I see some commercial with a guy bumbling around trying to impress some cute girl, and looking like a fool while she giggles like she’s better than him because she’s a girl.

Ok enough ranting…  the point is that most guys are screwed when it comes to being in control of their
dating lives.

But if a guy takes the time to adjust the way his MIND works when it comes to attraction, it changes everything.

You need to OPTIMIZE YOUR MIND and body to function at the highest level when interacting with women, because that’s what’s truly attractive…