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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness; Money Buys Freedom

And I Urge You To Use That Freedom To Love God More!

Once upon a time, I was poor.

And proud of it.

I was a happy single missionary who didn’t think about money, didn’t touch money, didn’t save money, and didn’t want to have anything to do with money.

At that time, I really believed that saving money was a lack of trust in God.

I also believed that insurance was for the spiritually weak. “Jesus is my only insurance,” I’d tell everyone.

And businessmen? Man, I pitied them. I figured their souls were loitering in the brink of Hell. Why? Imagine, all they think about the whole day was money—the very instruments of the devil.

I repeat: I was poor and proud of it.

How poor? Before entering Jollibee, I had to first pull out my wallet and count how much money I had. Could I buy a burger today? I remember the days when I had to turn around because my cash (or coins!) wasn’t enough.

I was proud that I was poor, deprived, and suffering.

It somehow made me feel holy.

Love The Lord With All Your Heart, Mind, Strength—

And Money Too!

Today, my beliefs have totally changed.

And that’s why I’m being criticized.

By religious people no less.

They say I teach too much about money.

“Bo, why have you changed?” they ask me, “You now keep talking about savings and investments and business. Where’s the sweet and simple guy who used to talk only about God and prayer and holiness and heaven? We want that guy back…”

Sorry, but you won’t get that guy back.

Because God has changed me.

Let me tell you why I changed: I decided to love more.

Don’t get me wrong. I still preach about God and prayer and holiness and heaven. (After all, money is only one of my many topics.) But these past few years, I’ve been very burdened by the practical, down-to-earth, very REAL needs of God’s people.

Here are the facts:

· Many good Christian families are buried in debt. They can’t sleep at night. They’re terrified every time the phone rings.

· Many good Christian husbands and wives fight a lot because of money problems. (According to surveys, 50% of marital conflicts are money problems. One survey even says it’s 80%!)

· Many good Christians will be retiring without any savings or investments—and will grow older and poorer as the years go by.

· Many good Christians are living in poverty, and their children are suffering from poor health and poor education.

And that’s the reason why I changed: I want to help Christians get out of debt, solve their financial problems, and gain more financial blessings to help more people!

This is my commitment. This is my mission. This is my passion. (I don’t care how many people criticize me for it.) I’ve devoted my entire life to help anyone who’s suffering by giving practical wisdom through my preaching and writing.

Whether spiritually, emotionally, or financially.

For Many People,

Unless There’s Financial Freedom,

There Can Be No Real Freedom In Their Life


You know my story.

Because my beliefs have changed, my financial life has changed as well.

Can I brag? (Not to brag but to emphasize a point.)

I’m no longer poor.

I now run small businesses, earn through real estate, mutual funds, and the stock market.

I’m now able to help the poor in a way I couldn’t do before. And I’m able to give more to the ministry of the Lord because of the financial blessings He has given me. I don’t just give 10% of my income. Because my lifestyle has remained simple (no fancy cars, no big house), I can give much, much more than 10% to God. (By the way, I’ve also learned that when I give, I receive so much more. I invite you to give regularly to the Lord’s work. Join me in my ministry. Log on at www.KerygmaFamily.com now.)

Today, I also believe that holiness doesn’t have anything to do with being poor or being rich. Holiness has everything to do with love—and one can do that whether one is poor or rich.

Money doesn’t buy happiness; Money buys freedom.

Bad people will use that freedom in a bad way—and be miserable as hell.

Good people will use that freedom in a good way—and be happy as heaven.

To be more precise, good people will use that freedom to do good.

It’s that simple.

Let me give you a small example of what I mean.

Today, I no longer stop in front of Jollibee to count my money.

And today, I can do something I could hardly do before: I can now invite the poor for a free lunch. Something I do constantly with joy.

In other words, my prayer has changed.

Before, my prayer was, “Lord, I need something to eat. Please give me money.”

Today, my prayer is, “Lord, send me people who have nothing to eat today and let me be a blessing to them.”

Friends, I’m using my freedom to love.

And after all these years of helping so many people in their spiritual lives, I’ve come to a striking realization: Especially for those children or parents depending on them, there can be no real Freedom in life without Financial Freedom.

I want to continue to teach you how to grow your money without robbing your soul.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez



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