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How Green Tea Protects Against Liver Fibrosis

by: Nicole Cutler, L.Ac.
Green tea offers a variety of health benefits. Ranging from headache relief to inhibiting the spread of cancer, green tea can take credit for greatly improving the quality of your health. Now, studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea can also have a positive impact on your liver, and may help slow the progression of fibrosis. So, what exactly is it about green tea that makes it so healthy for us?

More than any other type of tea, green tea leaves contain a large amount of polyphenols, potent antioxidants commonly found in most teas. These antioxidants help reduce cellular oxidation and inflammation, two dangerous factors contributing to liver damage. Numerous studies have been conducted on these ingredients and the results all point to the same conclusion – green tea lessens the severity of liver damage and aids in slowing fibrosis.

If green tea is so healthy, then what about all the other teas available, each rich in their own ingredients? The difference is in the way the leaves are processed. Green tea is processed in such a way so that the health aiding ingredients are left intact, while other tea leaves are not.

Like many other teas, the green variety does have a high caffeine content, which most people with liver disease know should be consumed sparingly. But, with scientific proof now pointing to green tea’s liver health benefits, a cup or two each day seems like a fair compromise. If you’re still concerned about your caffeine intake, opt for caffeine-free tea, still with all the same liver-friendly ingredients. Consider replacing your morning cup of coffee with a nice hot cup of green tea, for maximum liver health benefits.

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