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“When your aspirations come face to face with your self imposed limitations”

“When your aspirations come face to face with your self imposed limitations”

A Quote from a friend talking about people he had to deal with.
It struck me as being what I have suffered from in the past.

So many people self impose limitations on their
aspirations that prevents them from achieving goals in life.
I can`t do that.
I don`t know how.
I am too old.
And Many more come to mind.

Our own mind and our approach to life is
the only limitation that we have to overcome.
Knowledge is abundant and attainable if only
we don`t limit ourselves to a closed room.

As I write this I think back a few months ago
when I would have been appalled at the thought
of Internet Marketing and especially writing
articles like this and others in the past
few months. I self imposed my own limitations.

Think about yourself and the things you have
said you would like to accomplish, does it
ring a familiar bell? Limitations of the mind.

Reach out, explore, talk to people, grasp the
knowledge that others want to impart to you.
Set down and take a subject that interest you,
fishing, boating, walking, shopping, etc.
Anything can be written about and accomplished
if only you don`t “Self Impose Limitations”.

Maybe your goals require time and patience.
No problem, Rome wasn’t built in a day remember.
Take that first step, baby step maybe, but take it.
You will be amazed at the progress you can make
if only you don`t “Self Impose Limitations”.

Some of you probably have heard this expression,
“Can`t never could do anything, but you better get
you butt in gear and get it done”, [cleaned up a bit]
The consequences were not enjoyable, to say the least.
Choice time, do it or suffer, I did it, I hate pain!

Expand your “Environment of the Mind” and let that
underlying, repressed talent come out.
Your enjoyment is awaiting your decision.
Stagnation and procrastination is the
killer of latent talents awaiting display.

Join me as we create a better person in ourselves.
Teardown the fence and let that talent walk in knowledge.

Hoping you gain a bit everyday and some days you gain a lot.

Take care, be safe, walk in the light.

Doug Tidwell
June 15, 2007
Ventura, Ca.