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The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

by: Patricia Hammond
Although green tea drink has been around for many centuries most especially in Asian countries, modern studies and modern researches have only recently shown that there are many health benefits to be had in drinking green tea. With the benefits turning up one after another from these researches, it is even quite surprising to think about the many health benefits man has done without from not having maximized the drink.

What are these health benefits that green tea boasts of? Here is a short rundown:

a. Anti-Oxidant – Green tea leaves contain anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help strengthen the circulatory system, preventing certain heart conditions such as atherosclerosis which causes heart attacks, heart failures, and other coronary artery and heart diseases.

b. Blood Sugar – Green tea controls the level of blood sugar in the system, prevents Type 1 Diabetes and slows down the condition once it has developed in the body.

c. Cholesterol – Green tea lowers bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol or the HDL. Consequently, green tea also prevents strokes.

d. Cancer – Green tea prevents cancer by de-activating carcinogenic activities which stimulates cancer cells in the body. Green tea, when taken in regularly by cancer patients, has also shown to aid in the relieving the pain that comes along with cancer, making cancer patients more able to cope with the physical pain and symptoms of the illness.

e. Liver Diseases – Green tea detoxifies the system and rids the body of toxic substances which causes liver cancers and other liver diseases.

f. Organ Transplant – In a recent study on organ transplant patients, green tea has shown remarkable results in preparing the system for organ transplants, making the body more adaptable to the new changes in the system.

g. Weight Loss – Green tea speeds up the metabolism in the body and promotes thermogenesis or the production of the body’s heat which is important in the burning of fats in the body. Thus, green tea, when coupled with the right exercise program, is ideal for those who want to lose weight safely.

h. Osteoporosis – Green tea contains bone-enhancing properties which slows down bone degeneration and prevents Osteoporosis.

i. Periodontal Diseases – Green tea also helps prevent certain gum problems such as Periodontal Diseases.

These above-mentioned are only some of the more pronounced benefits of drinking green tea. Who knows what other benefits are there left for us to discover? Green tea has certainly gained much ground as far as health benefits are concerned. 

About the Author
Patricia Hammond is a green tea enthusiast. Get her FREE 7-Day GREEN TEA eCourse here or visit her site at www.YourHealthCenter.info for more health tips on weight loss, sleeping disorders and others.

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