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Subconscious Mind: Getting What You Want With Mind Power!

Because our thought process is constantly working, the Law
of Attraction is constantly working as well. Much of our
thought process happens at the unconscious level, which
leaves us clueless as to type of energy those thoughts send
out to the Universe.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you want something
enough and you truly believe it’s possible for you to have
it, you’ll probably get it. But the same is true for
negative thoughts.

If your thoughts are constantly on fears and doubts, you are
going to attract the negative into your life. You can’t
avoid unpleasant things by hoping they don’t happen.

Your unconscious is literal and produces negative energy the
same as it does positive energy. It doesn’t know the

To have the Law of Attraction work to your benefit, you have
to be consciously aware of what you’re focusing your
attention on. This includes your thoughts and emotions.

It’s human nature to immediately focus your attention on the
things you don’t want. Yet, it is necessary for this
contrast to happen in order to know what we want. Hence,
when we understand what we want, you have to align your
thoughts and emotions to the things you want.

If you truly want something, but feel you don’t really
deserve it, those thoughts will be translated into energy,
and the Universe will “feel” that you don’t deserve it.

Being aware of your focus and feelings allows you to change
any negative occurence into a positive one. By doing so, you
have the power to shift your thoughts to the things you
truly want.

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