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Casual Games versus Edutainment Games

Playing games is something everyone enjoys. We’ve been playing all kinds of games since we are small children. We play when we feel bored or we have nothing worth while to do. We have games that appeal to all kinds of people and we have what we call edutainment its education and entertainment join as one.

Gaming is something that almost everyone enjoys. It’s something that’s integrated into our very systems – something that we automatically equate to ‘fun’. We’ve been playing games even as small children and perhaps this is what leads us to play games whenever we’re bored and have nothing to do. And while some people may argue that they’re not ‘gamers’. Keep in mind that ‘Gaming’ doesn’t necessarily refer to those hard-core modern console games either. You don’t have to know who Cloud Strife is or to memorize the names of Zerg units either to be called a ‘gamer’. If you play games like Tetris, Tank, Solitaire or Minesweeper, you’re already counted as one of the world’s millions and millions of gamers.

  • Casual Games
  • Games like minesweeper and solitaire are called casual games. Casual games are games that appeal to all kinds of people – children, men, and women of all ages. They’re games that don’t require any particular skill. They don’t require big time investments as you can usually reach the final level even with a limited time span. They usually have simple rules and simple graphics that can translate to the simplest consoles such as cell phones, low-end computers, and the classic family computer. You can play these games with the use of just a single button. Recently, these casual games have been made available on the internet in the form of flash games or downloadable games. Most of them are for free while some of them allow you to try the game for a certain amount of time or up until a certain level before you pay for it. Casual games also do a great deal in improving a person’s logic

    And while they’re not exactly heavy on the plot or on the graphics, they do certainly help kill a lot of boredom.

  • Edutainment Games

However, if you’re planning on killing time by playing casual games, why not try some Edutainment games. Like casual games, they aren’t heavy on the graphics and they don’t require any particular skill. The main difference between the two is that edutainment games aim to educate as well as entertain, especially when it comes to English for kids. It’s like killing two birds with just one stone. The rules are usually very simple just like in the casual games. However, integrated into the game it self are little snippets of information that already add to your wealth of knowledge without you ever realizing it. Edutainment games not only improve a person’s logic but also increases his knowledge.

This is where games for learning English come in. Now, there are English songs for kids and various interesting dictionary for kids that are filled with colorful pictures that will make learning grammar for kids easy and fun. How to learn English for kids need not be boring. Parents can also learn English for kids with their children. These are just some fun English for kids way of learning.

Vladimir Chen is an e-learning expert at Mingoville – a universally accepted English program to make language learning fun and enjoyable. Sign up for free at www.mingoville.com to learn more about its edutainment concept.

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