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Are You An Expert?

The main reason to write is to share your wealth of knowledge! Everyone I know has something that they are great at, whether it is Organizing, Gardening, Photoshop or any other conceivable talent! Every one of us is different in this respect. People are unique in their talents and abilities! Why not Share your skills!

Write an article detailing the Nuts and Bolts of your skill and publish it through an article directory. Everyday thousands of people are searching the web for answers to their questions or information about learning how to do something. Possibly they are searching for tips on how to do something better and more efficiently. Maybe they are researching a topic for a paper at school, or someone looking for information to add to their newsletter. People crave information. By writing a detailed article, you share your wealth of knowledge, and get recognized as being an expert.

Is organizing your talent? 1) Share tips and tricks on organizing a closet or wardrobe. 2) Give an organization plan to help people organize their paperwork that is overflowing on their desks. 3) Help people establish a system of running their day to day affairs so as they have more time at the end of the day instead of feeling frazzled. 4) You’ve got more ideas I’m sure!

If gardening is you cup of tea. 1) Give garden layout ideas detailing which plants and flowers go well together and why. 2) Help people grow the biggest vegetables using your tips and techniques. 3) Share you knowledge of flowers. Detail your favorites and how to grow them. People love flower gardens! 4) Got any more ideas?

Photoshop Expert? 1) Give quick, easy and easy to understand tutorials on how to do something in Photoshop. I have personally searched for instructions on how to make / modify a banner for my website. 2) Instruct people how to repair their old, faded, semi-destroyed pictures. 3) Share your knowledge. Write an article about Getting around Photoshop, or Quick Start Photoshop. People don’t want to spend hours looking through a manual. If you can get people started easily on their projects, they will love you for it! 4) Detail a few Secret Tips or Tricks you’ve learned! 5) You’ve got the idea. Keep brainstorming! You may be saying I don’t have anything to share. Sit back and think about what you enjoy doing whether it is a hobby or talent.

If you enjoy something, you have a wealth of information to write about! Brainstorm and you will be surprised as to how many topics you can come up with all from something you enjoy doing Just write it down. Brainstorm for article ideas and get writing. Type your ideas onto a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, and begin typing. The program will tell you when you’ve misspelled something or are typing an awkward sentence. Proofread your article and submit it onto an article directory. Over time who knows how many people will pick up you article and put it on their sites, or just to read!

The numbers will astound you. For giggles, Google your name in six months and see how many times your article comes up! Whatever you do, keep writing and submitting! People all over the web are searching for YOUR information. Possibly you have just the bit of information they need!

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