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A Guys Survival Guide to Baby Showers

by: Sarah Garr
Okay, so you’re the lone guy in the office and the estrogen laden majority has demanded that you attend the latest in a seemingly unending barrage of Colleague’s Baby Showers. Alright now, take a few deep breaths and dab the perspiration from your brow. We all know the reason for getting invited to a shower; you are expected to bring gifts. Surviving a baby shower and making the women of your office become drop-jawed over your clever and innovative finesse will be a breeze if you just heed one of the three following suggestions.To stand out at the party, you should bring a baby gift that is so cutting edge, no one has heard of it yet. Martha Stewart may have heard of it, but the chicks in the cubicles around you haven’t, and their gift won’t stand a chance compared to yours. This secret is a Baby Clothes Bouquet. At first glance, it looks like you brought a huge bouquet of flowers, but the flower buds are actually strategically wrapped baby clothes nestled alongside other baby essentials. Perfect!

When it comes time to unwrap the presents, prepare yourself for all the oohs and ahs over the frilly dresses with ruffley underpants. These are great gifts for baby showers, but in reality, they will hang in the closet collecting dust. In a year or so, these outfits will be taken out of the “vault”, hawked on EBay or are marched down to the local consignment store. SO, what I’m saying to you is- Go Practical! A Diaper Cake is the ultimate answer. You’ll still get the amazed stares from your coworkers when you breeze in with a tulle wrapped baby diaper cake and after the shower is said and done, the new mom can rip it apart and make proper use of the diapers and trimmings. Piece “a” cake!

Finally, to make a long-lasting impression, you might need to go a little “Magnum, P.I.” for this next gift idea, but it will be well worth the extra effort. Investigate what the new parents are going to name the little tyke. Then, order a personalized baby gift. New moms will gush over the thought you put into the “name thing”. My personal favorite is a name plate that is made from metal and wood. I know it sounds rustic, but in the “girl world” it is known as shabby chic. So, go for a personalized baby gift such as a name plate (no, no not a vanity license plate) or get a monogrammed baby blanket and bib. So easy!

These three baby gift ideas will surely make you a genuine hit of the party without having to stroll the aisles of your local baby supply super store with that dazed and confused look on your face. Go on now; you can do it!

Besides, do you really want to be caught in a baby supply super store?

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When Sarah Garr is not chasing after her energetic toddler she is busy coddling her new baby, Sweet Tater Baby Gifts. Sweet Tater Baby Gifts offers a full line of unique and personalized baby gifts and baby gift ideas. Come visit http://www.SweetTaterBabyGifts.com today!

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