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by: Hot Mumma
Have you ever been so EMBARRASSED by your child’s behaviour that you could crawl under the nearest table? While they continue writhing all over the floor and screaming for your attention…Have you ever had another person at the shopping centre CRITISE your parenting methods or comment on your child’s bad behaviour?

Have you ever had friends STOP SOCIALIZING with you because your children are a bad influence on their gorgeous well rounded little people?

Yep! We’ve all been there at least once! And you feel like you’re doing a shocking job of raising your own children…but how do we fix it and make them WELL MANNERED little angels?

Well, it’s not all about teaching them through intellectual means. It’s not about drilling your expectations into their brains. They are literally not mature enough to cope with this type of strategy.

It’s so much simpler to have WELL MANNERED UNSELFISH CHILDREN who do as they are told, share with their siblings and other children and demonstrate beautiful behaviour in public…

The secret is EDUCATING THE HEART! Children need to learn one key concept and that is: “The Way They Behave Is The Way They Are Treated!”

Educating the heart builds WELL MANNERED UNSELFISH CHILDREN with good character qualities such as:

* Honesty

* Kindness

* Integrity

* Unselfishness

* Being a willing and dilligent worker

* Doing chores without being told

* Reaching out and helping others

* Learning conversational skills

* Making and keeping friends.

Raising our children with life skills makes parenting and growing up easier to do. I have four children and I wouldn’t be without the help of Martha Stevens, author of “Parenting Secrets By Mother of Five”. In her ebook she gives detailed simple instructions on how to achieve WELL MANNERED UNSELFISH CHILDREN.

It’s amazing how quickly my children caught on and changed! I no longer fear taking them to the shops! I now get complete strangers commenting on how well mannered my children are! YES! MY CHILDREN!

You too can be a happy parent with beautiful children that you are PROUD of. Click on this web link below and see for yourself:


There is even a FREE REPORT called “Teaching Kids To Follow The Rules” and a BONUS mini course and newsletter. It is well worth the read. It has changed my families life forever.

About the Author
I am just an energetic Mum with lots of ideas to share! Hope you enjoyed this article. For more advice on well mannered children go to: http://hotmumma.raisingkid.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=MUMMA4

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