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Getting Click Fraud? Unique Click Fraud Tracking

by: michael
Getting click fraud? Unique Click Fraud Tracking.

How Fictitious Clicks? Third-party click fraud auditing report.

Click fraud/bogus click inflation has been a major problem for all the advertisers conducting PPC campaigns over various search engines,few third party click fraud auduiting firms have been regularly alerting advertisers with the perception that all the events behind that count were fraudlent events on that advertisers account.But still this problem has not been resolved effectively.Continuously the advertisers have to pay alot for the illicit clicks which are not directly coming from there sponsred ads,what are the main reasons behind these problems and how desperately these firms are involved to get rid of this….This leads to an immense amount of double-counting across advertisers and across ad networks.

List of few third party click fraud auditing firms

– ClickFacts

– Click Forensics

– AdWatcher

How the fictious clicks happen?

•Fictitious clicks due to detection of page reloads as ad clicks.

•User opens a new window in Internet Explorer, causing a reload of the

landing page.

•Fictitious clicks due to conflation across advertisers and ad networks.

These are serious problems which have resulted in significant inflation of click fraud

estimates from each of the click fraud auditing firms we examined.

Let me tell you the concept of frequency count, labeled as “ses_fc1”in AdWatcher’s cookie which gets increased for every Ad cick or page reload depending upon the users behaviour,mostly what happens users are making clicks to advertisers ads and make further navigations to get deeper to the site and press either reload or back button to reach the previous pages and thus the value of “ses_fc1” gets increased and for a single genuine click extra clicks are added to advertisers account.Advertisers are setting a particular count value for the “ses_fc1” and when it crooses that limit the firms starts checking out for the fraudlent activities and make alert the advertisers alert by means of reports.

Mechanisms applied for click fraud detections.

•redirect mechanism where the request first goes to the firms server and then redirected to the advertisers landing page.

•simply adding few codes to the advertisers landing pages.

What advertisers can do?

Track your ROI carefully

o The number of conversions (sales or leads) produced by your AdWords

campaign is the ultimate proof of its success

o Tools such as Google Analytics enable you to further optimize your site

and advertising campaigns

• If you want to track the number of invalid clicks detected (and filtered out) on

your account, use AdWords invalid clicks reporting tool:


About the Author:
michael author of online marketing and USA shopping malls

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