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Eric Javits Handbags – Modern and Chic

If you are looking to obtain a handbag you may be astounded by the number of designers which are out there producing gorgeous purses for you to pick from. Between the artistic designers you will find Eric Javits handbags one of the most modern on the horizon, which are fashionable and one of a kind. Eric Javits has been in the fashion trade for the past twenty years and he without doubt values a woman’s needs, which are reflected in his creations.

Eric is known for his skill to develop functional designs each season which conform to the desires of his key demographic; namely women with active lifestyles. Apart from the practical aspect contained within his work, Eric is mainly an artist and perceives each and every design as a wearable sculpture.

Squishee® is a Javits brand that was established by Eric himself. Squishee® is an synthetic fibre that bears a resemblance to straw and is something different from leather which is generally used. This material is renowned for its sturdiness and natural flexibility. A hat labeled: “the packable”, which premiered in 1995 and created from the Squishee® material, is generally acknowledged to have notably altered the course of the women’s head wear trade. Today the term Squishee® is synonymous with a vast line of hats, handbags, purses and footwear offered in refined and delicate colors or in a flurry of busy and bright ones.

Yes it is a depressing truth that women do not wear hats in the twentieth century as they did a long time back. Though with his renowned hats you may really want to wear one, because of the sheer loveliness of his designs. His different accessories can be mixed and matched producing a timeless fashion which looks natural and effortless. There are quite a few imitations of his work but they will never be the same as an original Eric creation. Convey your personal style with Eric Javits handbags today.

It will always be a feast for the eyes if you discover and have a look at the Eric Javits Handbags. There are so many Designers Handbags available but make sure you view this talented designers splendid collection.

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