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Doing A Job The Easy Way Or The Hard Way…

Some handyman jobs can go smoothly while others turn into disasters. So why is this?

Is it lack of experience? Is it poor planning? Is it something you really needed help with but decided to go it alone anyway?

Any one of these , or a combination of them, can cause a job to go “pear shaped”. But the one thing above all else I found, is handyman jobs become disasters when you do not have the Best Tools for the job in hand!

Even if you have the right tools, it is not the same as having the best ones for the job..

Using cheap, overseas manufactured, power tools is fine if you are a hobbyist and working on models.  If you are remodeling rooms in the house or carrying out maintenance work then you need quality tools. Tools which will not start falling apart as soon as you put them to use on a real task.

For instance if you were needing to use a thickness planer then you need a tool that functions to within very small tolerances. One that holds the lumber firmly. Not some cheap thing that allows excess movement and wide range of tolerances.

So to do a job the easy way, then use a quality best tool for the job and get a professional finish without disasters.

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