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Advertise your Business on Google

by: michael
Nothing matters what is your budget,displays your ads on Google and other networks.Pay for the clicks only unike CPM also known as site targeted campaign(pay per 1000 impressions)where you have to pay for every 1000 impressions or number of times your ads are displayed on selected websites.

Keywords Research

PPC is also known as keyword targeted campaign where the proper keyword research is the major concern.Search out the terms highly relevent to your business with better search volume and low competition,try to target the qualified visitors with quaified keywords rather than getting too generic(results in lots of bogus or fraud clicks quickly depeleting you account).

Keywords match types

Standard Match Types – Your listing will be displayed when the user enters the exact keyword or keyphrase in any order without including any extra terms.

eg. nokia n73(bidded) or n73 nokia , mobile phones(bidded) or phones mobile

– for all singular plural variations

eg. for mobile phone(bidded term) or mobile phones listing will be displayed.

– Famous typos or misspelled terms

eg. sony ericsson(bidded) or sony erikson both will trigger your ads.

Broad Match Types – To provide better visibility or exposure to your business .Listings will be displayed for the bidded key phrases entered in any order including all other possible terms.

eg. mobile phone(bidded term)
mobile phone offers,mobile phone ringtones,mobile phone accessories,mobile phone walpapers will also trigger your ads and thus you must be very much careful.Might be possible you are dealing with mobile phones not with mobile phone accessories,visitors searching for accessories will come to your site but suddenly leave the site not getting their needs there,so your bounce rate or click rate will suddenly go up but with zero conversions(very critical).

Negative match type – solution to above mentioned problem,just specify all unnecessary terms as a negative.

eg mobile phone -offers
mobile phone -wallpapers
mobile phone -ringtones your ads will be displayed for mobile phone.

Phrase match type

Listing will be displayed for the exact phrese entered in same order including other terms.

eg. “mobile phone offers” or “mobile phone offers UK” will trigger your ads rather than “mobile phone UK offers”.

Embedded match type -[keyword] new concept in google adwords.

Creating effective Ads

The ads should be compelling ones to attract users attention to get better CTR.Try to include the bidded terms as well as business oriented statements to get better conversions.Users should get there whatever they are searching for.

Budget Management

Set your daily or monthly investments as per your budget,you can schedule your ads aswell,target the visitors of your choice through geo targeting.You’re charged only if someone clicks your ad, not when your ad is displayed.

How to Set Your Budget

PPC engines will suggest a bid and a daily budget, but these are just guesses from Google. They have no idea of your sales volume or advertising margins. Ignore those numbers.

To set the initial advertising budget, you’ll need to make a few calculations.

1 Find the advertising cost per item(Max CPA) that you’re willing to spend. In other words, how much you are willing to spend to sell one mobile handset, for example, $10.
2 Estimate the number of sales you expect to make per month, for example, 50 handsets
3 Multiply the advertising cost per item by the number of expected sales. $10 x 50 handsets= $500.
4 Divide that by 30 days to get the daily budget. $500 / 30 days = $16.66 dollars per day
5 Finally, adjust the bids to get the keywords to the top of the list.

After four or five weeks, look at the results and adjust the budget. For those keywords with good ROI or profits,increase the bids.

Make Few Calculations

ROI = profit/investments * 100 %
CTR = clicks/impresions
CR = sales/clicks
Max CPC = Max CPA * CR
Gross % margin= profit/revenue
Clicks per sale = Max CPA/Max CPC

– if value of a buyer > CPA you are earning
– if value of a buyer < CPA loosing money CPA should be as low as possible to get better results. So reduce your daily investment cost or reduce your keywords list to be in the War so sign up today and start making easy money with yahoo or google adwords About the Author:
michael author of online marketing and USA shopping malls

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